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About Us




No obligation coffee date will be good time for us to get to know each other and see how can we make your vision reality.




Whether we’re shooting in a studio, your home or somewhere in nature, we will spend 2-5 hours having fun and creating awesome stuff.




2-3 weeks after session you will come to studio, see all images and pick which ones you’d like to purchase. 



Whether you choose to celebrate 16th birthday or your 50th, in your home or on top of the mountain,

whether you want to capture your baby bump or celebrate your body in more intimate settings,

I am here to make it happen.

I am capturing who you are, who you want to be and who you want to remember 30 years from now.

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About Me



I am a full time portrait photographer with studio in downtown Portland, Oregon and I am available to travel worldwide.

I specialize in creating portraits of women as they’d like to be captured, so my work varies from boudoir to head shots to maternity and breastfeeding and more. It brings me such joy to get ladies in front of camera and show them how beautiful they are.

It’s not that you are not photogenic, you just haven’t given a chance to someone who knows how to pose you, dress you up and make you feel good about yourself, so let me show you how amazing and gorgeous you are!

The fact is that I don’t have one single photo of my mom where she is confidently smiling to camera and even worse, I don’t have ANY childhood photos of me and my mom. Why? How? It just never became priority and now, that I live 7000 miles from home, I will do everything I can to get every mama in front of camera.



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On a personal note, let me just say my name is pronounced as Deanna. You will never offend me if you mispronounce it, but if you’d like to say it correctly, there you go.

I have the most amazing, supportive husband Dan, two stepdaughters and the best dog in the world, Ayla.

I love to travel and going on hikes to amazing viewpoints with my clients (with backpack full of flowy fabric and dresses) is like a vacation to me.

Mexican food and cheesy, romantic comedies hold special place in my heart.

There you go! Now let’s go and grab a coffee. I’d love to learn more about you too.

Such a gift to work with Dijana. Weeks before the shoot, Dijana and I met over tea. We discussed photography, vision for the shoot, and scheduling. She gave me her full attention, allowing me to express my ideas and responded thoughtfully when I sought her advice on how to proceed with the shoot. What I liked most about the shoot was that she set the tone, providing just enough guidance. I was truly on a high when I left the shoot, having enjoyed spending a few hours with her.  This was one of the most empowering experiences I have had and I look forward to working with her again and again in the future.
Elizabeth, 54
Dijana is truly awesome. We scheduled a shoot and not only had an great time, but she made me feel so confident and it really came out in the photos. I not only highly recommend but I plan to be photographed by her again! Thank you Dijana!
Mikayla, 22
I almost don't know if I can express in words what these photos mean to me. I think hugs and tears might be the only way...but I'll try. Looking at selection you've chosen from our shoot, some of these photographs capture me in a way I've only ever dreamt of. As a photographer, woman, a passionate mama to be I am so moved. To be left speechless looking at your own image, is a gift that cannot be explained. During some of the hardest time of my life where I have struggled the most, you have captured exactly the beauty I want to remember. This goes beyond photography, and words truly aren't enough.
Bree, 31
My session with Dijana was fun, relaxed and she helped with posing through each step which made my session that much better. I have already booked her for another dream shoot in Europe and I can't wait to see what will she create for me!
Kasia, 30