NW Portland, Oregon


Hi! I am Dijana

I am a sarcastic, fun loving, weird, creative and sassy girl (I still refuse to believe I am an adult) with a passion for making ladies feel beautiful and creating gorgeous images of everyone who walks through my studio door.

It's really important to me to make sure you feel comfortable, seen and relaxed as you go into this experience, so expect me making awkward jokes and hyping you up all.day.long.

I have a full house of children (17, 15, 4 and an infant) and a wonderful husband Dan who supports me every step of the way on my mission to make every woman see herself in a new light.

I am here to show girls of every age, size, shape, color, and sexual orientation that they are beautiful and powerful women who can do absolutely anything!

I am here to listen, support and yell at you if I hear you talking bad about yourself. You're amazing and it's my job to make you see and celebrate that!


Hello! I’m Mariam

I’ve been working as a professional hair and make up stylist for over 15 years now and I love my job more and more with each passing year!

I am a mom to 3 (almost) adult kids who are my whole world and who continuously make me feel way older and way younger than I am, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

It's my goal to listen to you and your desires when it comes to your makeover and to give you a perfect look that will match your personality and natural beauty. Make up is made to enhance your looks, not change you or make you feel like it's someone else and I am ecstatic to be part of your journey towards self love and acceptance.

Hair and Make Up Artist

Hey! I’m Casey

being self employed for several years, I told myself I will never work for someone else, but here I am! :)

I've seen Dijana's work on social media and instantly felt connected to her mission and passion for making womxn feeling empowered. My goal, as a first contact you have with our studio, to make you feel comfortable and excited for your own experience.

I am born and raised in the area and I am a mom to 2 boys.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Studio Manager

Hi! My name is Audrey!

I'm the newest member of the team! After record breaking inquiries from you guys this year, Dijana decided to add to her team to make the booking process even easier-that's where I come in!

I'll be going over all of the important information on booking your boudoir session after you inquire with Dijana!

I'm someone that has had over a dozen boudoir sessions for myself so I know the in's and out's of the industry from a client perspective! I'm super excited to talk to you about your session with Dijana! I can also help you with tracking down cute outfits (I'm a size 16 and I've got all the best places to shop!)

My not-nerdy-at-all hobbies include annoying my three bunnies by dressing them up for mini sessions, snuggling my clingy rescue cat, and turning my home into a jungle with dozens of plants I don't completely understand how to care for.

To finally get a jump on that session you've been putting off, click this link and let's schedule a super quick chat on the phone to go over everything! We're now booking into late 2023 so it's time to snag your date!



Here at DSP Studio we believe every woman should see herself the way we see her. Strong, powerful, beautiful and worthy.

We work with so many women and even those that have picture perfect - magazine worthy looks don't always see themselves as beautiful. Having a session truly helps you accept, see and love yourself just the way you are.

Our goal is to not only create art you'll love but to show you just how stunning you are. No crazy editing, just you looking and feeling your best.

We are our own worst critic and doing a boudoir session can help you regain your confidence and feel like the badass that I know you are!

“Kiss your own fingertips and hug your own curves. You are made of waves and honey and spicy peppers when it’s necessary. You are a goddess, I hope you haven’t forgotten.”

~ Emery Allen

let's do this




maternity PHOTOSHOOT


I don't know if I can express in words what these photos mean to me. I think hugs and tears might be the only way...but I'll try. Looking at selection you've chosen from our shoot, some of these photographs capture me in a way I've only ever dreamt of. As a woman, a passionate mama to be I am so moved. To be left speechless looking at your own image, is a gift that cannot be explained. During some of the hardest time of my life where I have struggled the most, you have captured exactly the beauty I want to remember. This goes beyond photography, and words truly aren't enough.

Dijana gave me a dream photo shoot-not just because the photos turned out to be everything I’d hoped and more, but because she’s also a dream to work with. Her enthusiasm doesn’t falter-from forming ideas to the finished product. I was thrilled with her artistic direction and how she directed me as a model. There were so many incredible photos at the end, the only nightmare was making choices about which to go with. Her editing style is Magazine-quality, her eye for composition is sharp, her design is creative. Don’t hesitate to book her.


End of 2022 we moved to NW Portland location in residential area. Our new studio is 1800sqft, 6 different shooting area + soaking tub on site, as well as outdoor shooting area, plenty of parking and so much more!

We are constantly adding and improving but here are some space images as of January 2023.