I want to show you how to change your client’s lives beyond just photography. This includes how you speak to them, care for them, ease their worries, respect their space, and create an experience they love so much that they have to keep coming back. 

It’s not enough to just show up and snap some photos. Before you even get to the place of photographing clients, they have to find you and resonate with you. They have to trust you and feel comfortable with allowing you to photograph them.

Working with me through mentoring or using my educational content you will learn how to make every client love you before they even meet you! Sometimes this means going back to the basics and making some adjustments.

You’ll learn important tools such as how to conduct yourself, how to over-communicate without making it awkward, how to create flattering poses without making clients feel like they are challenging to pose, how to create high engagement on social media platforms to attract new audiences and how to convert them into clients.

The same way our clients go through many different steps before finding their ideal photographer, you will go through several steps becoming that photographer. When they come to you, you won’t need to fake it until you make it. You’ll be prepared and will know all the right things to say and do and will create images they cannot live without.


Thank you for being here!


FULL DAY MENTORING + build the portfolio session

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