Best Christmas Gift for Mom

As holiday season is approaching, we are planning and brainstorming Christmas gifts  ideas for our loved ones.  What will they need, what can make them happy and how can we make it happen?

As life is passing by, there are only few gifts I still cherish and hold close to me. I have a candle my best friend gave to me, it was last gift I  ever got from her and an album filled with all my favorite memories my family made for me right before I moved thousands of miles away.

It speaks to me that in the end, gift that matter are the ones that will stay with you for years to come, and not just be replaced.


Photography is one of those gifts. To get mom finally in front of the camera, snuggling her babies, being photographed and feeling beautiful is something she and her family will cherish for the rest of their lives.

She already has plenty of perfumes, scarves, and lotions. I bet she could use a new purse ( I mean, who couldn’t?) but in the end, what would make her happy for more than just a day or two?

family session

So what should you give to a mom for this Holiday?


Give her day of pampering. Professional hair and make up, access to beautiful wardrobe and day filled with laughter and joy. Gift her with experience where she will feel like it’s all about her and make her feel like beautiful woman that she is.

Dijana Szewczyk Photography specializes in creating packages to meet everyone’s needs and mom in your life could get pampering, images of just her feeling and looking gorgeous, images of her with her family in studio or anywhere else you could imagine. We can create custom high end albums and wall art and overall give her the gift that she will cherish and look at proudly for years to come.

portland, oregon family photographer

Gift card towards session with me is a start of creating something special for mom in your life and I offer gift cards in value of $200, $500 and $1000.

Please reach out for details and we can plan a date to surprise her with full day dedicated to her, or even if there is an old image you wish to restore and enlarge, don’t hesitate to get in touch and create something special for her.