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        When you have to describe something as majestic and beautiful as Ellen’s tattoos, it’s really hard to find right words. Ellen contacted me last fall having very specific request. She wanted me to photograph her nude, but not to make it sexy. Not to make it into boudoir or anything provocative, but rather she desired to celebrate the art her body is.

        Almost all of her body is covered in the most beautiful and feminine tattoos done by incredible Jeff Gogue  and Ellen wanted to capture the progress and meaning behind her tattoos.

        We met before the session to discuss ideas, inspiration, time frame and to make sure we are on the same page regarding our visions for session date, and few weeks later we had the most amazing time.

        Day started with make up application and hair styling by Jessica of Make Me Blush  , few hours spent in a studio and then going to a near by location to capture some of the whimsical and fun photos.

        It’s safe to say this is by far one of my favorite sessions ever and knowing that Ellen loved her images, albums and enlargements means the world to me.


        Check out the images and tell me what you think!

        Do you have tattoos you’d like to showcase? Let’s make it happen!  


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        wow this is such a creative piece. I love all her tattoos!!

        Dang! I can’t believe how beautiful all of her work is! Love how you shot her on a simple background to really make it all pop. Very cool!

        WOW!! Gogue is one of my favorite artists ever, and this is just stunning!

        What a gorgeous shoot! Portland is full of so many gorgeous tattoos and settings. I love how the locations and backdrop you chose are beautiful but keep the focus on her tattoos. And the lighting really highlights her body as a work or art instead of a sexual thing. So beautifully done!

        What a cool concept and amazing execution. Kudos. I am especially impressed by the black and white dramatic shots.

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