Personal Branding

May 26, 2023

I don't deliver a product

I deliver an experience.

You are the face of your business. First thing your clients see when deciding to work with you.
It is my job to create images that represent the true you and help you thrive.

Your professional headshot tells people who you are, what you do and how well you do it, so let’s make it a good one!

By deciding to hire me, you are investing not only in images that will represent your brand, but also an experience that will remind you what is it like to laugh, listen some cheesy music,  drink champagne and have an amazing time while feeling more beautiful than you have in a long time.

It is my goal to create contemporary yet timeless images you will be able to use for your business for as long as needed,  as well offer you services of creating promotional video, sizing images for your social media outlets and empowering you to continue growing professionally.

Your professional images will speak to your client about the level of service you are providing. Let’s create images that will fully represent who you are and what can you offer to them.

Once you contact me we will chat about your needs and expectations as well as how am I different that other photographers and what can you expect from our session.

Currently I am accepting clients for 3-6 months in advance.



-professional photo shoot with up to 90 minutes shooting time in one location

-complimentary professional hair & make-up

-pre-shoot session and wardrobe consultation

-access to studio props and wardrobe

  • When you’re distinctive, you’ll cut through the clutter.
  • Potential clients will notice you.
  • They will remember you.
  • And when you get it right, the right people will be drawn, like a magnet, to work with you.
  • Products are purchased separately.

    Packages start at $550.

    Payment Plans available.