Neon Set Vibes | Portland Boudoir

June 13, 2022

Some sessions are just not meant to be standard and as everyone else’s.

We offer Neon set as a speciality option to put clients who want to be edgy, baddie, little trippy and overall who just want to do something different.


Boudoir session is supposed to take your breath away, make you feel like a baddest baddie out there (speaking off, did you see our store with awesome baddie merch?) and just show you just how awesome you are.


For some people that means fashion shoot, for some fine art and for some it’s neon – because it’s unique.

What to expect from neon shot:

Nothing. you expect nothing!Kidding, kidding, but to be honest, it’s hard to know what will come out of neon shoot because we end up playing a lot. Based on the outfits you brought and props you have, or your physical abilities or even how naughty you want it.

Shoot itself is in a very dark room with few bright neon lights and we just shoot different looks and once the photos are in editing phase, we have better ideas how will it look and what we got.


if you have a very specific vision and idea for your set, make sure to let us know so we can do our best to re-create.


Here are some of latest, fun neon sessions.

All clients have given us permission to share their photos.


disco ball green boudoir woman edgy sitting down

trapped under water neon edgy photoshoot

red tones webcam girl neon photoshoot suicide girl

naughty edgy woman laying down neon lights

disco ball woman neon outfit sexy

black girl laying down holding disco ball

woman laughing neon lights

neon bold couple kissing

blurry green eyes girl neon photoshoot


Would you do a session yourself? Reach out and let’s schedule it!