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October 9, 2018

I had opportunity to photograph Linda several times and it’s been such a joy to see our images being used in her pamphlets and marketing. Massage therapy is such a good way to do some self care and after being massaged by Linda, I had to ask her to share more about her business and importance of massage for everyone.

Ashiatsu massage Portland Oregon

Below is a post written by Linda Caravia, Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of  Vitality Therapeutic Massage and Yoga


Think about it, in what other situation does a person get an hour or more of a professionals’ undivided attention where they can completely let go and don’t have to do or say anything? Massage therapy is said to parallel talk therapy and has similar effects in reducing emotional stress.  Even looking forward to a massage appointment decreases anxiety for people seeking to reduce pain and tension.  Clients who have experienced regular massage know the cumulative benefits of massage sessions over time.

Massage therapy benefits seem countless, from pain relief, increased range of motion in joints to more restful sleep and relief from depression.  In spite of all of the well known physical and emotional benefits, massage is still considered alternative medicine due to the pharmaceutical revolution of the 1940s.  

The science around massage therapy backs up what we already know for ourselves: we need safe, positive physical touch in order to thrive.  In the United States we have become ‘touch phobic’ where touch is distorted away from being a conscious, supportive way to communicate. Touch is our first developed sense – it’s even argued that touch is more important than food for babies to thrive.

For me personally, the ‘container’ that is professional massage therapy has the right blend of positive and safe human connection, clear boundaries, and thoughtful clinical assessment and application.  I’m committed to being in the sacred space of providing a much needed service, and am honored that my clients entrust me with their care.

Massage is ancient and effective – Hippocrates, in 400 B.C., defined medicine as “the art of rubbing.”  So, the next time you decide to get a massage, I invite you to pay close attention to your state of being before and then after your appointment.  I believe you’ll have your own answer about the importance of massage therapy.

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Linda Caravia, LMT #6600

Linda’s  practice is located in John’s Landing, Portland Oregon.  

She specializes in barefoot massage methods as well as teaches Yomassage™ and family yoga and massage workshops called Calm Bodies.  

For More information, please visit her website at:


Ashiatsu massage Portland Oregon