Neon Couple Maternity Boudoir | Portland, Oregon

October 1, 2021

Let me just start by saying that I have never done session like this and I am obsessed! Maternity boudoir is already on its own super unique, but add weird lighting, super fun partner and lot’s of laughter – we got photos I will be loving for a long time.

What is maternity boudoir? 

In the recent years, it’s becoming more and more popular to embrace and love on our bodies (Thank God for that!). Being pregnant is a beautiful experience on the outside, but we still feel so uncomfortable, bloated and like alines in our own skin (I am 37 weeks pregnant writing this, so trust me -this sucks lol).

Maternity boudoir is a chance for you to see yourself as a beautiful, sensual, miraculous being. You get to celebrate your body for that is doing for you and your new baby and you will, once the discomfort of current events goes away, just how beautiful you looked.


Anna hired me in 2019 for her first pregnancy and those photos were beautiful in their own way. We focused on fine art, some nudity, lots of fabrics and overall making her feel gorgeous in her skin. I shared those photos everywhere just as I am about to share these, because this woman is stunning!!

However, this time around she wanted something different – including her partner, going edgy and doing something more sexy and less glamourous.

Say no more! We nailed it.

We had over 200 unique epic images and as much as I want to share them all, some are just not made for Internet – trust me 😀


These few I am sharing are done in spur of moment, we put out some fun lights, got them having fun and I am in love with result.

You don’t see things like these very often.


Hair and make up is done by amazing Mariam

Wardrobe is part of our studio and the session experience and available to every client.

Please check out more of our MATERNITY WORK and if you are currently expecting, let’s make some magic!


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Dijana & DSP Team


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edgy couple maternity photoshoot



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sensual maternity session


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