Blonde Bombshell Mom | Oregon Boudoir

May 25, 2020

Moms deserve this. As silly as it sounds, every mom needs boudoir sessions to finally see herself through my lens.

Almost daily I have women approaching me and sharing how they could never do a boudoir session! They had babies, and there is loose skin and saggy boobies and trust many excuses and fears that are preventing them from seeing their own beauty.

Yes, we spend most of our days looking frumpy. Cleaning after kids, doing homeschooling, planning groceries, cooking… We see ourseleves in mirror looking tired and drained and we just forget we are more than just that.

Society and beauty magazines have been teaching us that if we don’t have perfect bodies, we are less than worthy. We are not and cannot be sexy.

This stunning mama is here to show you just how wrong those magazines and society is. The older we get, the more power we hold. power to love ourselves and to show others just how incredible and beautiful we are.


Hair and make up by The Beauty Briar 

Wardrobe is mix of studio pieces and client’s pieces.