Renee | Beaverton Boudoir

July 23, 2020

I had the best time and it was such a wonderful experience! I love your love and empowerment of all women of every age, shape and size. You are such a talented artist and photographer and you just capture the true beauty of every woman amazingly. I absolutely loved how all of my photos turned out. And, it was so hard to narrow down which ones to get. ?? I am definitely going to book another session, hopefully sooner than later.”


This is the comment I got today from Renee after I posted her transformation photo in our exclusive ladies only group. I freaking loved it!

I love that Renee enjoyed working with me, that she was as obsessed with her images as I was, that we had so much fun and here is the deal. I never, ever have shown that many images to the client before. Every single outfit she put on, every single pose was just made for her.  It was truly one of the easiest, most fun sessions I ever had.


Renee, just like so many of my clients was nervous about this experience. What to expect, what to bring, how will it turn out. What if she hates them?

One thing I try to tell all of my clients is to relax. I got you 🙂

From the moment you book, I will send you emails on how to prepare, where to shop, how to practice and I am even working on stretching guide – because you will be sore after your session 🙂

I promise, you will have fun and this will be one of the best things you can do for yourself and your confidence.


I choose to share a lot of photos from this session as a sample of what a full gallery would look like when you come to pick your images.


Some are soft and romantic, some are super sexy but in the end – they all are exactly what this client needed and wanted.


Hair and make up: Mariam Beauty and The Brush

Wardrobe: Mix of clients and studio pieces


Do you like them? Would you like to book your own session?


2020 is booked, but 2021 is all yours – just pick a date!