Busting Excuses – Portland, Oregon Boudoir Session

July 4, 2023

Why You Deserve a Boudoir Experience

I get it, when we get nervous, we come up with all the reasons why we shouldn’t do it. Sometimes life is just too busy and it makes sense to just give up on our dreams. Well, I am here to bust your excuses and tell you why you deserve to do a boudoir session for yourself!

before and after make up and styling for boudoir photography plus size curvy brunette with glasses


“I don’t have enough time”

I can relate to this one. Between the job and kids and spouse and house there really is no time for self care. We prioritize everything except ourselves and as time goes by we bury our own needs even deeper than usual. It’s important to take care of ourselves as much as it is taking care of others.

By booking a boudoir session you have something to look forward to as time is approaching. You have reason to do little bit of shopping for things that you wouldn’t buy other way. You will get professional hair and make up done and one of the best things – you will have to take a day off work and spend it ONLY on yourself. You deserve that.


“My weight is not where I want it to be”

Did you know that the body type portrayed as perfect by societal  standards is possesed naturally by only 5% of females? ONLY FIVE PERCENT.

We are conditioned to believe that we not pretty or beautiful or sensual or hot when our stomachs are not flat, and I hate that for us.

I am mad you believe you can not do a session because your body is not idea, and I am here to tell you THAT IS EXACTLY WHY YOU SHOULD DO IT.

People who already know they are hot, they don’t need sessions like we do. Boudoir session will show you that you look good and you are stunning right now – at this moment.

You do not need to be a certain size to be hot. You do not need to have perfect perky boobies to feel sensual. You do not have to be hour glass figure to love your own body.

So many women come to a session shaking, feeling nervous and uncertain, terrified that results will disappoint them and they walk our laughing or crying happy tears because they finally see it. They see their beauty and they are finally willing to accept they are worthy as they are.

plus size woman closed eyes next to the water in flow ling max dress

“I am not very sexy or sensual person so this is not the right thing for me”



There are two ways this experience could go for you.

Number 1 – you do not need to be feminine or sexual or even wanting to do this for the reasons people usually do. It’s ok to want to have a session to feel POWERFUL, edgy, sinful and like a badass. Boudoir session is something to make you love yourself any way you are – and if you are not sensual person, that’s ok too.

Number 2 – if you decide to explore what is it like to feel more sensual and soft, with the right posing and lingerie this is something I get to help you accomplish and show you the new version of you.

There is no wrong way to handle wanting to have a boudoir session. It’s supposed to make you love yourself and accept yourself, not to change you to fit societal norms that don’t work for you.

“A boudoir session is an investment and I can’t afford that right now”


Yes, it’s an investment. The one that will help boost your confidence and create a whole new level of power within you. Most of the clients choose to take advantage of our no interest payment plan and they pay off their session before it even happens. My goal is to help you see yourself in new life and I will work with you on making that happen, but you are the one to make the first step.


Are you ready to take it?