Fatemeh | Personal Branding Photoshoot

December 28, 2017

Personal branding is very similar to headshots, but there is slightly more freedom to how to do you as a client want to be captured. If your company and brand is more relaxed, we will go and sit in the park. If you are yoga teacher, we will photograph you in your studio teaching a call. Personal branding is just ensuring you get images that fit your personality and brand perfectly, versus getting quick 10 min snapshot in Sears.

One of my favorite things to photograph are women in business. They give me a call and already know exactly what they want and they just need my help making it happen.

It wasn’t any different with Fatemeh. We meet through networking group where she reached out asking for stylish and modern, yet professional photos for her business as a mortgage adviser.

We met for a coffee and decided on make up, wardrobe, backdrops and I event coordinated with her graphic designer to ensure I create extended backdrops to add her logo and ensure she gets images she will be super proud of for her website and social media accounts.

We have spent several hours having fun with my make up artist Jessica  and after we did our headshots, Fatemeh and I had some fun doing photos of her for social media and as a surprise for her loved ones 🙂

If you are looking to get your own headshots, check out my gallery and contact me for personalized quote, and if you are looking to buy or refinance your house, reach out for and I will share Fatemeh’s info with you 🙂

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